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The 10 Tech Commandments

Number One

Understand you can't do everything

Even LeBron teamed with Bosh and Wade before he got a ring

Number Two

You don't know exactly how long other's fast growth took

Remember Amazon started off just selling books

Number Three

It's about all data privacy

Don't neglect to protect the sensitive info you collect

Number Four

You probably heard this before

Never try to lie about the ROI

You don't want to end up like the Fyre Festival guy

Number Five

Go the Facebook way, acquire and take

Or be like Apple and manufacture and make

Whether you buy or build, both require certain skills

Number Six

Do you want to get the cash and dash

Or maintain a role in the C-suite?

From the start, prepare your exit strategy

Number Seven

Know your competition

You're likely not the only so you better know what makes you different

Number Eight

Need a patent? Hurry, don't wait

Because it goes to first to file

Not the first to create

Number Nine

Now coders, they're your biggest asset

Should go without saying but treat them with all due respect

Number Ten

Nondisclosure agreements, you need them


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