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A Holistic Approach to Tech Transactions

The Law Office of Dorcia Carrillo is based in Westchester County, New York and provides legal and business services to companies that build or and buy technology products.  The firm serves as outsourced general counsel to founders, innovators, and executives so that they can focus on running their businesses. Providing valuable strategic insight to help you achieve your business objectives and protect your assets, The Law Office of Dorcia Carrillo guides your business through the intersection where deals meet documentation. 

Clients can expect creative solutions from a pragmatic and experienced attorney. The firm develops close attorney-client relationships through a holistic and collaborative service model. Additionally, the firm offers training to help you prepare for, participate in, and profit from your next big negotiation.  The Law Office of Dorcia Carrillo is more than your attorney, it is your partner in success.


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Additional Services Provided

Technology Transactions

If your company is contemplating a high dollar value, long-term, or complex transaction, it needs responsive and reliable counsel. My firm helps with:

  • NDAs

  • Privacy Policies

  • SaaS Agreements

  • SOWs

International Trade

When your company develops world changing technology, it will work with foreign suppliers, customers, and partners. So your company must consider U.S. and international regulations. My firm helps with:

  • Export Licensing

  • GDPR Compliance  


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